Series 7 Convention Trailer Breakdown

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It’s time for us to take an in-depth look at the recently released first trailer for Doctor Who Series 7. The stories that have definitely been filmed, so far, are episodes 2 and 3. Both feature, with the western-themed third episode by Toby Whithouse the most prominent. There’s also some shots from the opener, possibly, but more on that later.

 The trailer opens with some nice establishing shots of the western town from episode 3.

 This lamp post shorts-out.

Welcome to Mercy – Home to 81 residents.

The Cyborg spotted during filming earlier in the month. Some have reported that Ben Browder is playing the role, but it is actually Andrew Brooke and his character is called the Reckoner, as revealed the other week.

Town preacher: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done…”

It wouldn’t be a western without a good old fashioned duel.

Interestingly, the Doctor has a Marshal’s badge on here.

The Doctor surely has something up his sleeve.


The Doctor nervously says, “Run,” in a clip from the second episode.

Behind the Doctor, from left to right, Rupert Graves’ character, Amy, Rory, Brian Williams, and a female wearing Egyptian clothes. Seemingly suggesting an Egyptian-themed episode.

The Doctor’s duel is stopped by a nearby explosion.

A better look at the Reckoner’s arm-cannon.

Another explosion on the surrounding landscape.

Rory on the run with the town Sheriff, the role played by Ben Browder.

 Another explosion goes off dangerously close to Rory. He probably dies.

Now, we move on to an interesting part of the trailer. It is not 100% certain, but it is believed the snowy landscapes are scenes from the opener, which were filmed as well during the trip to Spain. The fact that Amy has different clothes to the other two episodes seems to back this up. The Daleks, which feature later in the trailer, are also confirmed to be in the opener.

The Doctor, Amy and an unidentified man make their way through the snowy mountains.

 A shot of Amy from episode 2.

The scene looks like it takes place right after the scene where the Doctor says, “Run”. The scenery suggests a tomb or underground area.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian running away from something in episode 2. The location is the same one used for Bad Wolf Bay and Alfava Metraxis. However, it’s likely posing as somewhere new again.

 Mark Williams, confusingly, playing a character called Brian Williams, possibly Rory’s father or a relation.

The Doctor slips on sand.


 Possibly, the Doctor finding the Dalek-eye periscope. More on that later.

 The Reckoner in the town church.

It looks like he may have taken some of the locals hostage.

Over the weekend, some fans were convinced that the female with the Doctor was River Song, but as the HD quality shows, it’s definitely not Alex Kingston. Whoever it is, she’s in the middle of applying a symbol on the Doctor’s face.

 The Doctor pushes Kahler Jax (Adrian Scarborough) to the ground.

And holds up a gun!

 “You’ve clearly been taking stupid lessons since I last saw you…”

 Sheriff, Ben Browder says, “Anyone who isn’t an American, drop your gun.”

Now a gun-wielding Amy accidentally fires her gun!