Series 7 Casting & Coincidences

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We have some more casting news for Doctor Who Series 7.

First, according to GenshikenSpain, veteran actor Garrick Hagon is currently shooting in Almeria, Spain on Doctor Who. This seems to be backed up by guest star, Rob Cavazos who tweeted, “I am currently working with an actor who was in the first Star Wars film.”

Indeed, fans will know Hagon as Biggs Darklighter from Star Wars: A New Hope.

This wouldn’t be Hagon’s first appearance in Doctor Who though. He also appeared as the character Ky in 1972 story, The Mutants with Jon Pertwee.

Next up, a wise man once said, ‘Never ignore a coincidence,’ and a very interesting one cropped up over the weekend.

Sophia Myles has already been stirring up the Doctor Who rumour mill this year with reports of her being lined up for next companion. Now, adding more fuel to the fire, the actress recently notified her Twitter followers that she was in Malaga, Spain. The same Spain that Doctor Who just happens to filming an episode in right now.

Granted Malaga is some distance away from where they are currently shooting Doctor Who, so it could just be a coincidence, but it’s a certainly a pretty big one.

Thanks to Ruther and Torrance.