Series 7 “Autumn” Trailer Breakdown

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We’re back to more scenes from Asylum of the Daleks.

The Doctor tells Amy: “We’ll get through this I promise. Don’t be scared.”

Amy: “Scared? Who’s scared?”

Amy says “Geronimo,” and the Doctor loves it!

But this evil bald guy, who appears to be working with the Daleks (at least it’s not a pig slave), pushes the Doctor into…

…this energy stream…

…along with Amy and Rory…

…It looks like they are being sent through the stream to an icy alien planet below. Also notice the defensive grid surrounding the planet.

Amy is separated here…

…and interestingly she encounters a human (or what looks like a human) on the planet.

Amy immediately makes a run for it.

Filmed in Spain no less.

Hello Sweetie. River Song in her appearance in episode 5. Here she is posing as a 1930s gangster called Melody Malone.

A ship heads towards Earth. Judging by the following clip, this looks like the Doctor has escaped from the Dinosaur ship.

David Bradley’s character, Solomon. He’s the villain if you couldn’t guess. He yells: “DOCTOR!”

The Doctor, Rory and his dad Brian (Mark Williams) make a run for it. They are being chased by Pterosaurs. Which is curious, if this is Earth.

Bad Wolf Bay. Insert obligatory David Tennant speculation here. Or perhaps the BBC just used the same location as they did in The Time of Angels. No, that’s far too logical.

Back to a couple of scenes from episode 3, A Town Called Mercy. We’ve already seen these. This is the main monster of the episode, a cyborg called The Reckoner (Andrew Brooke).


More explosions! And, more excitingly, an all too brief glimpse of a classic era Dalek.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the Dalek in the background here.

The Doctor rides into the sunset in A Town Called Mercy. How appropriate.

And now back to the second episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Here’s a Triceratops.

And now the Doctor is riding the Triceratops! Only on Doctor Who.

Oh look! It’s that scene again from episode 3 where Rory probably dies.

Looks like a very important moment from episode 5. Notice the Angel is in shackles and looks weakened. Could the Doctor have somehow captured one?

The Reckoner yells: “FACE ME!”

Interestingly his voice has changed since the first trailer and sounds more robot-like now.

 This looks like the planet from earlier in the trailer, only now it’s being blown up. Or is it the ship above? Hard to tell.

Rory, surrounded by Dalek remains, asks: “Who killed all the Daleks?”

The Doctor is carrying Amy, who looks unconscious. Given the following line, he doesn’t seem too concerned about her welfare, so we suspect it’s a minor injury.

The Doctor replies to Rory: “Who do you think?”

While it suggests the Doctor is the one responsible, we think this could be deceptive. There were rumours of River appearing in the opener as well, so could it have been her instead?

And the trailer ends. Hurry up Autumn, whenever that is in BBC land (probably 25th August).