Series 7 “Autumn” Trailer Breakdown

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Let’s waste no time and take an in-depth look at the new Doctor Who Series 7 trailer. Firstly, from what we can tell, the clips are from episode 1, 2, 3 and 5. Episode 4 appears to be missing, but that is hardly surprising as it’s the least complete one of the first “half” due to the amount of late pick-up shots added.

So we begin with footage from the opener, Asylum of the Daleks.

Rory spots a fleet of Dalek saucers…

… and says: “So how much trouble are we in?”

We know from filming reports that the Rory and Amy are teleported from Earth by the Daleks. Is this where they end up? On some sort of Dalek mothership perhaps?

Welcome back RTD era Daleks! We missed you. The Doctor has joined his companions at this point.

Doctor: “You’ve got me! What are you waiting for? At long last here I am.”

Given the fact the Daleks are not exterminating him on sight, we suspect that they want the Doctor, Amy and Rory for something else. A task perhaps that requires the Doctor to go to an some sort of asylum planet where the classic era Daleks are located?

We see more RTD era Daleks…

…and behind them it looks like the New Paradigm have had a paint job.

Thousands of Daleks surround the Doctor.

This looks like the inside of a Dalek Mothership. Where did they all come from?

We then switch to footage from the second episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. This impressive craft is probably the one the Doctor is tasked to investigate to stop it from crashing into Earth.

You guessed it – dinosaurs are on board! Raptors are on the loose.

The Doctor is more excited by this though: “Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!”

The Doctor, Rory and his dad Brian (Mark Williams) encounter a pair of robots. We know that the robots are working for the villain of the episode called Solomon (who is featured in the trailer later).

The robots tell the Doctor: “We’re very cross with you”

Judging by the tone of the voices, it looks like they are going to be comic relief characters.

Lestrade, sorry, Riddell the game hunter (Rupert Graves) readies his gun.

Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele) looks impressed. These two characters are part of the gang the Doctor recruits to look into the ship.

Who York, New York. The Doctor and Amy are in Times Square in episode 5. Present day by the looks of it.

Switch back to scenes from episode 3, A Town Called Mercy.

The Doctor is pretty worked up here: “Today, I honour the victims first. His, The Master’s, the Daleks’ – all the people who died because of MY mercy.”

Yes, the 11th Doctor mentioned the Master! Hopefully that’s a little hint that he will return later in the series.

Amy responds: “See, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long.”

Adrian Scarborough as Mercy town resident Kahler Jax. What’s going on with the mark on his face?

Switch to scene from episode 5. Looks like the reports of there being new types of Weeping Angels were true. Here we have a creepy cherub…

…about to blow out Rory’s match. Filming reports indicated this is where Rory goes missing.