Series 6 Part 2 TV Trailer Breakdown

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This breakdown is going to be quite short as a great many of the clips were already in the Comic Con trailer. As we have already analysed that in greater detail, we’re just looking at what’s new.

The first new scene of the trailer features Amy in a dark place. It’s hard to say where she is or what episode this is from, but the torch on the wall points to an older time.

The Doctor: “Just one last trip, eh…”

From filming, we know the Doctor gets his Stetson back in episode 12. It seems likely that this is one of the latter scenes of the episode, as he prepares to depart in the TARDIS.

We saw the start of this clip in previous trailers. It’s from episode 10, The Girl Who Waited. This time though, sparks fly as Amy’s attacks the Handbot.

A group of Pterodactyls launch an attack…

Filming revealed they feature in episode 13 on some sort of alternative reality earth.

A steam train heads into a pyramid. Could this be a throwback to the final moments of The Big Bang, or just a coinidence?

As the shot pans out we see that the pyramid is actually Area 52, with an American flag painted on the side. The train has nowhere left to go.

The Doctor: “It’s time…”

It’s possible this scene happens after the Doctor looks at the TARDIS console showing his death date and destination. The Doctor looks resigned, like he has accepted his fate. Will this lead back to the beginning of The Impossible Astronaut?