Series 6 Part 2 DVD Update

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Final artwork and more details for the Doctor Who Series 6: Part 2 DVD have been confirmed.

The truth about River Song is out and the time has come for the Doctor to face his greatest demons. Venturing across centuries and galaxies, the Doctor, Amy and Rory will encounter the greatest war criminal in all of history – and Hitler. Together, they’ll discover there’s no scarier place in the universe than a child’s bedroom and a visit to an alien quarantine facility will reveal to Rory a very different side to his wife.

In a hotel where walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish, death lies waiting. But the Doctor’s time has yet to come. He has one last stop to make on his final journey – an old friend needs his help and an old foe must be defeated. But time catches up with us all and the Doctor can delay no more.

By the shores of Lake Silencio, in Utah, all of time and space hang in the balance. And a NASA astronaut is waiting.

The two-disc set contains episodes 8-13 of Series 6. That includes:

  • Let’s Kill Hitler (Rated PG, runtime: 48m 9s)
  • Night Terrors (Rated PG, runtime: 42m 33s)
  • The Girl Who Waited (Rated PG, runtime: 46m 2s)
  • The God Complex (Rated 12, runtime: 48m 0s)
  • Closing Time (Rated PG, runtime: 45m 11s)
  • The Wedding of River Song (Rated PG, runtime 45m 22s)

Extras include:

  • Monster Files: The Antibodies (Rated U, runtime: 9m 3s)
  • Monster Files: The Cybermats (Rated PG, runtime: 10m 13s)

It will be out on 10th October. A complete DVD box set is expected to be released in time for Christmas.