Series 6 Part 1 TV Ratings

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Finalised BARB ratings for the first half of Series 6 are now available. Unlike the overnight ratings, the figures below count those who recorded the show and watched it later, making them more accurate measure of how many were watching. Take note Daily Mail!

  • The Impossible Astronaut – 8.86 million
  • Day of the Moon – 7.30 million
  • The Curse of the Black Spot – 7.85 million
  • The Doctor’s Wife – 7.97 million
  • The Rebel Flesh – 7.35 million
  • The Almost People – 6.72 million
  • A Good Man Goes to War – 7.57 million

Note: these do not include iPlayer viewings.

Each episode saw considerable gains on the initial overnight, over 2 million in some cases.