Series 6 Hints

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While The Big Bang answered a fair few questions, it also left more open. For example; who was voice in the TARDIS, who was controlling it and what caused it to explode; who exactly is River Song, what is her relationship to the Doctor and who did she murder; and just who or what is the Silence?

Tonight’s episode of Doctor Who Confidential gave some hints of what to expect in the next series and it was revealed that Steven Moffat has plotted the Silence Will Fall story arc beyond the fifth series.

“Something that we’ve been hearing about throughout this series is going to continue and become more significant, and we’re going to learn more in the next series, which is the Silence.” said executive producer Beth Willis.

Moffat added “What is that? Who is that? Who are the Silence and what’s coming. The whole point of the Silence is next series. Also who is River Song? Who is she really? That’s what we’re going to find out next year.”

We’ve got a long time to speculate!