Series 6 Full Trailer Breakdown

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So let’s take a much closer look at the new Doctor Who Series 6 trailer. Firstly, from what we can tell, the clips featured are from the first half of the series (episodes 1-7) as well as episodes 9 and 11.

The trailer opens with River Song narrating over the bearded Doctor:”This is the Doctor’s darkest hour. He’ll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further.”

The Doctor and Idris (Suranne Jones) look over the junkyard planet from the fourth episode, The Doctor’s Wife, by Neil Gaiman.

A hooded figure walks down an old, dark alleyway.

Is this the Doctor’s clone from episodes 5 and 6?

One of the dolls from episode 9 by Mark Gatiss.

The Impossible Astronaut from episode 1 makes an appearance again.

River: “This is the day he finds out who I am.”

A snog in the stormcage!

“Ee by, by gum!”

The TARDIS flies though a new vortex?

The Doctor opens the TARDIS door in wonder.

Amy: “OK, where are we?”

The Doctor: “Where we’ve never ever been.”

The Maldovarium bar returns from The Pandorica Opens, where River got her vortex manipulator. Will we see the return of Dorium here?

We all know this clip. Don’t worry Doctor you’ll get your stetson back.

Marshall Lancaster and Sarah Smart from episodes 5 and 6 wearing strange gear. Something to do with the Sontarans?

The Doctor: “Look how cool this stuff is!”

Another explosion in the TARDIS.

River is in the The Lodger console room and spins around to shoot something behind her.

The pirate ship from episode 3.

Are these broken worker clones? They are all wearing the same.

Hugh Bonneville as pirate Captain Avery.

It’s those creepy dolls again.

A cupboard opens with a doll’s house and bright light inside.

George, the boy with the nervous disposition from episode 9.

Voice: “Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords”
The Doctor: “Fear me, I’ve killed all of them.”

A great line for sure, but who is the Doctor talking to? It’s not too dissimilar to the Atraxi.

The Doctor takes a nasty shock whilst climbing and falls.

Something is shooting lighting from it’s finger at Amy and Rory. It not Davros’ claw though. Could that be the hand of the grey-like alien?

A ventriloquist dummy from episode 11, The God Complex by Toby Whithouse.

The Doctor, Daniel Mays and Rory are trying to hold something back. The doll behind seems to be near a power source of some sort.

The moment that everyone’s talking about – the return of the 9th and 10th Doctor’s TARDIS interior! The natural assumption is that a regeneration is taking place while Rory and Amy stand back from the blast. But the light seems to have more of an spherical shape to it.

The Doctor’ looks through the keyhole of one of the hotel rooms.

A clown with a balloon in a hotel room from episode 11.

A siren enchanting a pirate…

…played by Lily Cole.

This appears to be a new monster (a minotaur?) in a hotel from episode 11.

Amy is running away in Utah.

The Doctor uses his Sonic. He’s in The Lodger console room and so is the TARDIS!

I see you!

Amy has a gun and fires at someone…

…The Doctor screams for her to stop, but he’s too late.

Who’s been shot? Will this be part of the episode 7 cliffhanger?

“I’ve been running my whole life. Now it’s time for me to stop.”