Series 6 Finale Filming

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Filming is continuing on Doctor Who and some interesting details have emerged from the Series 6 finale (episode 13). Here’s some highlights:

  • Ian McNeice is reprising his role as Churchill from Victory of the Daleks and The Pandorica Opens.
  • The Silence return
  • Matt Smith with longer hair and a beard, in his prisoner gear from Day of the Moon
  • Karen Gillan in a dark suit, again, the same outfit from Day of the Moon
  • Roman props
  • Signage with the initials “SPQR”
  • Futuristic looking soldiers with symbols on their arms
  • Dorium is back again, as well as episode 7

So with all these different time periods, it appears Moffat will not be abandoning his trademark timey-wimey storytelling for this finale. But you wouldn’t expect anything less, would you.

See some pics here and here.

Thanks to the Little Monster, Ruther and the DWSR