Series 6 Finale More Details

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Here’s some more info on The Wedding of River Song that we’ve gleaned from a few of this week’s magazine previews.

  • Time has frozen and the Doctor knows that only his death can save the universe
  • All of history is happening at once because time has stopped at 5.02pm on 22 April 2011 – the date of the Doctor’s death
  • Emperor Winston Churchill has the Doctor locked up in the tower
  • History has gone haywire with Winston Churchill, Romans and Pterodactyls all existing at the same moment
  • The Doctor knows that to return things to normal his life must end
  • The Silence are keen to prevent his future
  • The Doctor makes his final journey to the shores of Lake Silencio for his death…
  • …River, in a spacesuit, has been sent by Kovarian to kill him, but can she pull the trigger?
  • River thinks she can save the Doctor and the universe
  • The climax of the episode takes place in a giant pyramid and Amy and Rory battle The Silence there
  • The Doctor meets River, who reveals there is someone she loves and it appears a wedding is on the cards
  • Can River bring herself to kill the Doctor? And who will she marry?
  • We discover the truth about the astronaut at the lake
  • Watch out for a brief glimpse of an old favourite