Series 6 Episode 12 Title?

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For the first time since Doctor Who returned, Series 6 will not end with a two-parter. Instead, the twelfth episode this year is a sequel story to 2010’s The Lodger, that much we already know. But might the episode title reflect this as well?

Matt Smith was interviewed by On The Red Carpet and this is what he said while talking about what’s coming up: “[In] episode 12, we have James Corden coming back as Craig Owens in The Lodger Part 2.”

It’s by no means definitive, given before that, Matt addresses Mark Gatiss’ episode as “The Dolls” rather than the confirmed Night Terrors. And it might just have been one of the working titles seeing how plain it is.

But see for yourself in the video below. There’s also some chat about Let’s Kill Hitler and the other episodes.