Series 6 Comic Con Trailer Breakdown

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It’s time to take a closer look at the Doctor Who Series 6 trailer from Comic Con 2011. So without further ado…

The trailer opens with the Doctor running down a corridor from the “nightmare” hotel in The God Complex.

Rory and Amy make their escape on a bike in Let’s Kill Hitler. We know from filming that the body they drive past is that of a Nazi who has just been knocked out by Rory!

The Doctor dancing in a top hat and tails. The swastika can be seen in the background, so is this how he introduces himself to Hitler?

The Doctor: “My time is running out…”

We think this scene is from episode 12 and he is telling Craig.

 The Doctor approaches a door in the hotel…

…the 11th Doctor, at a door numbered 11, in episode 11. Coincidentally.

Churchill (Ian McNeice) returns in the finale as the Holy Roman Emperor“, but who is he aiming at with his gun?

 Craig (James Corden) is back and on the run in episode 12.

 This is David Walliams as Gibbis in episode 11, The God Complex.

 Daniel Mays in episode 9, Night Terrors. It looks like he’s being dragged inside the wardrobe.

Kovarian is back and whispers, “…And this is where it begins.”

A Cyberman lurks in the background as the Doctor cries, “I’m going to die!”

This is most likely from episode 12.

 We’re fairly sure this the Minotaur’s eye from episode 11, The God Complex.

 A voice narrates, “Something has happened to time.”

 We then see a visibly aged Amy carrying something. This could be from episode 10, The Girl Who Waited.

Hitler (Albert Welling): “Thank you. I think you have just saved my life.”

The Doctor looks dumbfounded by this. Notice he has his new jacket on here.

The Doctor and Craig (James Corden) scene we glimpsed last week in the BBC Drama trailer:

Craig asks,”Doctor, are you going to kiss me?”
The Doctor responds, “Yes Craig. Yes I am.”

 Amy in a very strange garden. We’d guess this is from episode 10, The Girl Who Waited.

 A spaceship crew. No idea what episode this is from.

We see a Nazi building…

…And the TARDIS crashes through one of the windows (into Hitler’s office, as rumoured?)

River is wearing an eyepatch very similar to Kovarians’. This is almost certainly not as simple as it seems, so perhaps another River disguise. Note, she is in an Egyptian tomb. She does love them afterall.

 Skulls in an Egyptian tomb, perhaps?

 This Silent looks like it may be in some sort of specimen tank rather than just underwater.

 Looks like a Cybership from episode 12.

The Weeping Angels return. Well, Piers Wenger did hint they would be back last year. This looks like it may occur in The God Complex due to the similar interior. Perhaps one of the nightmare scenarios.

We’ve seen this shot before, but it’s the dolls from Night Terrors.

 And we’ve seen this one as well. From episode 11, The God Complex.

 This appears to be one of the Handbots revealing the insides of its head. A concealed weapon?

There’s been some speculation that this is a Carrionite. However, we think it’s just similar looking make-up. He looks Viking-esque and is playing a game of chess. Also another eyepatch…

The Minotaur from The God Complex stalks the corridors of the hotel.

The Silence break free. A tomb perhaps?

Rory is trapped by the Minotaur. He will probably die.

The Doctor appears to be jumping through a door.

We’d guess this is Craig’s house given the baby clothes hanging up.

No idea who or what is teleporting here…

Yeah, Rory punches Adolf Hitler. He just likes beating on Nazis.

Amy fighting the Handbots in a white room from episode 10, The Girl Who Waited.

Gibbis (David Walliams) looks scared here.

This looks to be part of the same scene with Amy fighting the Handbots.

A modern-era looking soldier troop opens fire…

A Silent attacks.

Beam me up, Scotty. Sorry wrong show.

The Doctor tries to hold Daniel Mays’ back in Night Terrors.

That Minotaur in better detail.

This Cybermen in the next couple of shots look worn and battered. Notice the damage on the head.

They all hold their heads…

…And they explode!

The Doctor looks on the TARDIS console screen and sees his death date: 5:02pm on 22nd April 2011 at Lake Silencio. He is wearing the stetson in the reflection, so this is could be episode 12, as filming revealed.

Madame Kovarian narrates over familiar scenes from the Series 6 opener: “An impossible astronaut will rise from the deep and strike the Time Lord dead.”

We see the Doctor back at Lake Silencio. But this has clearly been filmed later, as it the shots don’t match up and looks like a CGI background this time. But it does appear this scene will play out differently than before.

The trailer ends with a little taunt as the Doctor says, “Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

We bet that was Steven Moffat’s idea.