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Series 1-7 Face-Off Results: Nightmare Run (Episodes 9-13, Specials)

Across March and April Doctor Who TV pitted all the revival episodes so far against each other and asked you to vote on each. The results are in and now we’re revealing what we’re calling the “Nightmare Run” – these are the episodes that didn’t fare so well coming last in their respective episode slots.

Join Mark McCullough as he now examines the second half of episodes and the specials. Did they deserve their low placing?

Episode 9: Night Terrors


Having the filler episode from the first half of Series Six already on our list, it comes as no surprise that we also have Night Terrors, the equivalent from the second half. The story is a risk, Mark Gatiss penning his first episode which is not set in the past. Perhaps Gatiss should stick to his strengths in future as the episode evidently wasn’t very well received. That said it does feature some exciting concepts and wonderful character moments particularly those featuring Daniel May’s character. Some scenes also stand out as being especially chilling, these include: the elevator scene, and Amy’s conversion into a Peg Doll.

Episode 10: Love & Monsters


When people talk about episodes that they don’t like, Love & Monsters is commonly brought up. As an episode, it’s an experiment, a new style and something different. If the show never took risks, it would never get anywhere. Unfortunately this gamble was not one that paid off. To me it seemed everything was going well for the majority of the episode. Getting an insight into how the Doctor affects people’s lives was a welcome change, particularly where Jackie Tyler was concerned. The latter part of the episode was things started to go wrong and a laughable monster along with a nonsensical resolution left the episode damaged beyond repair.

Episode 11: Fear Her

Fear Her

When you get a bad episode it usually makes the one after seem that little bit better. For Fear Her to come at this point given the quality of its predecessor was a bad blow for the second series of the show. As a concept the narrative is not that bad an idea, however it is the execution which drags the episode down. The performance given by the cast is also as good as it could be with the addition of Chloe’s domestics feeling rather forced. Perhaps it’s just me but I find the Doctor and Rose to be quite annoying within the story too. Fear Her is a watchable episode, but not much more. To me it feels like a missed opportunity.

Episode 12: Closing Time

doctor-who-closing-time-promo pics (7)

With most other episode twelves being part of a two-part finale, realistically this spot was to be contested by the two Cybermen stories. Personally I think the other one (Nightmare in Silver) deserves to be here more, but where Closing Time suffers the worst is the fact that the Cybermen are beaten by love. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem as it could be argued that it shows how the Cybermen are always vulnerable to humanity; however it had been done before this and as such felt laboured. Trying to recreate the comedy of The Lodger amidst the backdrop of a serious Cyberman story just didn’t work. Instead the episode damaged one of the show’s most iconic monsters.

Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song


Of all the finales, I think this is the one which deserves to be here. It feels messy and all over the place and perhaps that was the intention from Moffat given the style of the narrative. I found it impacted on the enjoyment of the episode.  Whilst entertaining, some parts felt unnecessary whilst other areas, such as Madame Kovarian were brutally underused. The resolution to the Doctor’s death at the start of the series, whilst intelligent, appeared to be almost a cop-out. The episode has some good parts too, the Silence are threatening and the scene where the Doctor learns of the Brigadier’s death is fittingly poignant. I don’t think it would be unfair to say that The Wedding of River Song is only here because of the quality of the other finales.

RTD Special: Planet of the Dead

Planet of the Dead

Perhaps the Davies special that slips under most people’s radar, Planet of the Dead is a strange one. Very rarely have I seen the episode criticised, come to think of it I haven’t seen much praise for it either. Maybe that’s the problem and why it features on this list. As a story it is a fun romp which introduced a new one off companion. It is packed with unique ideas and a genuine earth-threatening situation. The episode’s narrative allows for a heavy focus on UNIT and the introduction of the wonderful Malcom. The dénouement features a chilling prediction about the Doctor’s fate. Not a bad episode by any means, just not a very memorable one.

Moffat Special: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

The Doctor The Widow and the Wardrobe pics batch (7)

In the introduction to the corresponding section of the poll, I mentioned The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe as an episode I thought was extremely underrated. In truth I knew that it would be here, mostly because of the quality of the other episodes in the Moffat Special category. I can see where the episode falls down, the actual threat and alien aspect of the narrative is average at best. But it’s one of those few episodes in which that doesn’t really matter, as the story excels in delivering its goal as a Christmas Special, packing a strong emotional gravitas and ultimately delivering with a happy ending for both the Arwells and the Doctor.

Concluding Thoughts

I thought it may be a nice touch to analyse the episodes a little based upon from which series they originate from and by who wrote them. As far as which series contributes the most to our Nightmare Run, here are the standings:

  • Five Episodes: Series Six (counting The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe)
  • Four Episodes:  Series Two
  • Three Episodes: Series Three
  • Two Episodes:  Series Five
  • One Episode: 2009 Specials
  • Zero Episodes: Series One, Series Four, Series Seven

This shows us that the bulk of the Nightmare Run come from three series of the show. It is no surprise to see Series Six and Series Two are the biggest contributors, since when I have seen people discussing their favourite series, it is usually these two make up the bottom of the list. I have seen many people claim that Christopher Eccleston’s run of Doctor Who did not contain a bad episode. These results would tend to support that claim as Series One is joined by Series Four and Series Seven as the only series not to contribute anything to the list.

Now I’ll have a look at the results per writer of the Episode in the same way as above, the contributions to the nightmare run per writer are as follows:

  • Three Episodes: Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies
  • Two Episodes: Mark Gatiss, Helen Raynor
  • One Episode: Chris Chibnall, Stephen Greenhorn, Stephen Thompson, Gareth Roberts, Matthew Graham

Some things stand out to me from these results. Firstly both Moffat and RTD have offered three episodes each (I was relieved to see them come out equal), however this is to be expected given the amount of episodes each man has written they are bound to have their fair share of dud scripts. We also have to bear in mind that due to the format of the poll, they were both guaranteed to feature one each as their specials were polled individually. Secondly and perhaps most worryingly is Mark Gatiss, for a man who is being touted as a potential future show-runner, it is disappointing to see no fewer than one third of his episodes feature in a Nightmare Run. To make matters slightly worse for Gatiss, two of the episodes he has acted in (the only two speaking roles) have coincidently made their way onto the list as well (Poor Mark!). Boasting an even worse record is Helen Raynor, having only written for episodes four and five, she manages to take a clean sweep in the Nightmare Run, occupying both positions.

So there you have it, your Nightmare Run as voted for by you. I always like to end things on a positive note so I’ll say this. While this run would be the worst of Doctor Who, I am more than confident that it would be able to hold its own and compete with many other TV series.


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My Nightmare Run (From Worst to Best):                                                                                                        

1) Love and Monsters: This episode showed contempt towards the Doctor Who audience, it had a stupid villain, and was not good science fiction. I wouldn't even call it a Doctor Who episode.

2) Fear Her: This episode shows how bad acting and poor execution can transform something that is mediocre on paper into bad television. This doesn't get number one slot since the Doctor actually acts like an alien in this one. 

3) Aliens of London/World War Three: Yes, I treat these as one episode. I treat all two parters as one episode like I treat all four and six parters in classic Who as one episode. Anyway, this had farting aliens, a plot that made no sense when you broke it down, Rose acts in character (which is a bad thing for her), and it failed to take itself seriously.

4) The Curse of the Black Spot: The last time we had the Doctor and pirates together, we had a full out musical episode with catchy reworks of Gilbert and Sullivan songs. This time, we have a boring go around with an alien siren who wasn't that much of a good villain. This episode could have been improved had it been a pure historical akin to the ones back in William Hartnell's day.

5) Boom Town: One good scene does not a good episode make.

6) Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel: The Cybermen were great just as they were in the Classic series. The new versions of the Cybermen did a huge disservice to what are perhaps the best cyborgs in science fiction. Let's also not forget that Rose did something involving her dad again and didn't think of what happened last time.

7) The Doctor's Daughter: Why is it that the Doctor criticizes the way that Jenny was born? Time Lords are born the exact same way (Looms). Add the fact that Jenny is too perfect, Donna and Martha are both underused, the time scale for the conflict makes absolutely no sense, and the fact that a FISH DROWNS and you have a pretty bad episode. 

8) Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks: Pennis jokes aside, this episode shows a complete contempt for science, Doctor Who continuity (Revelation of the Daleks, anyone?), logic, and Daleks in general. If I hear the Doctor give another of his humans are special speeches again, I will destroy my TV.

9) The Idiot's Lantern: Mark Gatiss and NuWho seem to have a difficult relationship. I can only name two of his episodes that are good (The Unquiet Dead and Cold War) while the rest are bad or mediocre. I find this odd since Mark Gatiss is actually a pretty good writer outside of NuWho.      

10) The Stolen Earth/Journey's End: While the story suffers by removing Donna in a stupid way, creating a contrived happy ending for Rose that she didn't deserve, and by being exactly like every single season finale in NuWho before it (beat for beat, I might add), the real problem here is that Davros is wasted in this story. In every Dalek story with Davros, Davros tries to be on top leading the Daleks. Here, he just bends over and takes it from them. Terry Molloy (the best Davros) had some more things to say about what is wrong with this episode and I totally agree with what he said about it.

11) Night Terrors: Another story penned by Gatiss, this ends up on the list for being extremely mediocre.

12) Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: Nothing in this story works. The plot is a mess, the character motivations are everywhere, and the ending was a big dues ex machina.

13) The Lodger/Closing Time: Bland. Bland, bland, bland, bland, bland. There is nothing interesting about this episode. This lacks imagination, ideas, and good writing.This episode was made for NuWho's primary demographic: channel hoppers. People who only want to watch something that requires them to have less than three brain cells working in order to understand. These are new fans who argue over whether Davies or Moffat is a better showrunner without regard for anyone previous. It does not work for old fans who actually enjoy Doctor Who in it's entirety.

Davies Special) The End of Time: This is the second worst episode in Doctor Who. Every last problem that existed during Davies' time as showrunner is present in the End of Time. Donna is treated poorly, Davies doesn't understand how American politics work, everything is bigger for the sake of it, the Doctor survives things that made all of his previous incarnations regenerate, humans have random psychic powers, Doctor Who continuity is ignored, magic is a key element in bringing back a dead character, the Master and Rassilon act nothing like they did previously in the series (for some reason, Rassilon forgot that he was immortal), the drumming amounted to nothing interesting, modern audiences were given an incorrect view of what the Time Lords are actually like, the Doctor is a hypocrite who moans and cries for stupid reasons, and it exist only to stroke the writer's own ego rather than to give the audience a good story.

Moffat Special) The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe: Moffat's specials have the fortune of being good. This episode is the exception in that it is only mediocre. While it is beautifully shot as always and contains some good pathos, the episode just doesn't meet the standard of Moffat's other specials.


Episode 1: Smith & Jones (8/10)

The only reason this is here is because I love every other series opener. I love this also but I get confused how the Doctor dies with no blood in his body but then gets brought back with Martha, but surely if he had no blood he would be dead.. Who knows, maybe someone can help me there aha! Btw, I love the Judoon.

Episode 2: The beast below (6/10)

Everytime I watch this episode I get bored, it has some great twists in it but I dislike the way the doctor treats Amy, even though she made the correct decision.

Episode 3: A town called mercy (6/10)

This episode doesn't do it for me as I just got bored (again). For me, there wasn't enough twists in the episode and I didn't really fear the enemy in it.

Episode 4: Time of the angels (5/10)

My personal least favourite episode of Doctor who of all time. Literally fall asleep whilst watching it and as it was Matts first episode he filmed I feel like his Doctor was a bit all over the place.

Episode 5: The Evolution of the Daleks (7/10)

I loved the first parter to this episode but I dislike that the doctor was going to help his enemies.. This just seems unrealistic in my opinion. (I'm aware of the asylum of the daleks) but I love the pig creatures and the amount of action in the episode.

Episode 6: The Lazarus experiment (6/10)

I thought the whole idea was clever but I thought the animation of the monster was poor.

Episode 7: Amy's choice (7/10)

I disliked this episode as I just found it really creepy, I know that is what it was trying to achieve but I just didn't like the story of it.

Episode 8: Lets kill Hitler (5/10)

I disliked the fact that river was completely different to the way we know her, I hate the fact that the Doctor had given Amy and Rory no information about melody since 'A good man goes to war'. And I genuinely dislike the fact that the doctor was dying, but it was a beautiful ending.

Episode 9: Cold War (4/10)

I was genuinely dissapointed with this episode as it was set in one place, and was just very boring. I hate the fact that Clara and the Doctor were all close like they had known each other forever but really it was only her third episode in (forgetting her other versions). I have honestly seen barely any character developments with Clara and this is why I have a dislike for her.

Episode 10: Hide (5/10)

I didn't like the fact that it was about ghosts.. And then the doctor says there is no such things as ghosts as I really believe in them. It annoyed me how the doctor and clara say 'who you gonna call.. Ghost busters' just like 10 and rose did.

Episode 11: Journey to the center of the Tardis (4/10)

I literally hate the way the doctor treats Clara in this episode. He burns a message onto her hand, makes her feel so awkward to the point in which she says she feels uncomfortable and then he erases her memory. I don't like how the doctor keeps who the burnt zombie peoples identities away from Clara - just tell them who they are ffs! It was just a rubbish story for me.

Episode 12: Nightmare in silver (6/10)

I dislike how the doctor could easily get the cyber controller out of his head, and I also dislike how the cyber men become so indestructible.

Episode 13: The wedding of river song (5/10)

It was overall an ending where we began to understand the secrets of the series but I hated the ending as I don't feel like the doctor and river should of got married. I don't think he loves her.

Moffat special: The time of the doctor (8/10)

Overall, moffat specials are excellent but the only reason that this episode is my least favourite is because obviously Matt left. I didn't really like his regeneration or the way the doctor sexually assaults clara by slapping her on the bum.

RTD special: The next doctor (5/10)

The one I don't really want to watch and have no intention of watching.

So in the end:

Series one: 0

Series two: 0

Series three: 3

Series four: 0

Series five: 3

Series six: 2

Series seven: 6

As you can tell, I disliked series 7 a lot.


I'd give my nightmare run as:

1. Asylum of the Daleks - Bringing back Amy and Rory in a pointless and mean-spirited way when their story was finished.

2. The Beast Below - Too much symbolism that needlessly repeats itself.

3. The Curse of the Black Spot - A bunch of nasty people are allowed to keep a small child on a spaceship they can't possibly pilot. Good job, Doctor.

4. The Sontaran Stratagem - Only because it makes the Doctor abhor handheld projectile weapons for some reason.

5. Evolution of the Daleks - The Doctor decides to help out the most evil creatures for no good reason.

6. The Doctor's Daughter - Jenny is a pointless character who only makes the Doctor look toothless.

7. The Idiot's Lantern - Supposed to be dumb fun, but is not fun.

8. Let's Kill Hitler - An episode that ends half way through and becomes another episode for no reason.

9. Hide - Only because the Clara arc gets in the way.

10. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS - Some nasty people get in the way of a piece of the Clara arc that gets immediately cancelled out.

11. Fear Her - Just sing and the domestic abuse will go away.

12. Nightmare in Silver - The Cybermen become just too invincible.

13. Last of the Time Lords - The Doctor becomes just too angelic.

Davies Special: The End of Time - In which the Doctor whines and moans about what is supposed to be a moment of triumph.

Moffat Special: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe - Just too fluffy.


Is it just me that loves fear her?


Not particularly disappointed by any of these, except Planet Of The Dead. It was a brilliant episode, but even there I understand it was against some tough competition. My list would be:

9. Night Terrors

10. Love & Monsters (Not because it was a bad episode, I truly enjoy it, but because the competition was better. The closest thing to it was Journey to the centre of the Tardis)

11. Fear Her (I legitimately didn't like this one)

12. Closing Time (Good episode, but the competition was good. Closest was Nightmare in Silver)

13. Name of the Doctor (The only Doctor Who episode that I actively dislike. Fear Her was a bad episode, I didn't like it but I equally didn't dislike it. It was just average. NotD I actively don't like. Wedding of River Song was next)

RTD Special. The Next Doctor (I really like this episode, but every single one of RTD's specials were top class episodes)

Moffat Special. Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (An average episode. Not deserving of the amount of flack that it gets, but not good by any rate)


I don't care what anyone says, I love Planet of the Dead. Best RTD special and second of best all time behind The Snowmen. 


9- Night Terrors

10- Vincent and the Doctor. Very overrated episode, poor threat, the music towards the end of the episode is screaming feel sad. Bill Nighy has an episode stealing cameo

11- Fear Her

12- Nightmare in Silver

13- Last of the Timelords

RTD Special- Voyage of the Damned

Moffat special- The Doctor The Widow & The Wardrobe.

Lord of Time
Lord of Time

Can't argue with the fact Series 1 and 4 got no episodes on this list! Series 4 was my favorite (and first) and David Tennant and Catherine Tate are a spectacular duo.


I'm honestly shocked that Closing Time is there rather than Army of Ghosts or The Stolen Earth.


None of these are particular surprising.

However, I do have a soft spot for WoRS -- Emperor Churchill, live Chess, Head Dorium, and Mark Gatiss as a treacherous viking who gets eaten by skulls? There are a lot of ideas here that are hard not to love. If you broke them down into separate episodes, they could be pretty fun. The actual marriage, on the other hand, was disappointing to me.


New Earth, Tooth and Claw, The Curse of the Black Spot, Aliens of London, World War Three, The Lazarus Experiment, The Long Game, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Love and Monsters, Fear Her, Closing Time, Doomsday (apart from Rose's exit), The Voyage of The Damned, RTD Special: End of Time Part 1.


Some surprised me, some didn't.

Night Terrors - I haven't been able to re-watch it yet but what I remember of it was a great story and a great twist with Amy turning into a doll.

Love And Monster - One of the best episodes ever!! It tests out something new and brilliant with Doctor Who and I can't understand all the hate.

Fear Her - TBH the scribble monster wasn't the best idea but trapping people in the drawing is a great idea. Plus good guess on the Olympic torch, Doctor Who team!

Closing Time - I love that Craig and Doctor back by each other side. The plot great but I think there could of been a better ending than beating the Cybermen with love.

The Wedding Of River Song - I think it's good for a final, clearing up everything that need to be. The only thing I don't like about is that they should of done something bigger when the Doctor and River  got married.

The Planet Of The Dead- The one thing I remember about this when I was little was that this was being filmed where my cousin lived. I wish this was higher in the list.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe - There not a lot I can say on this as I haven't re-watched it in a while but  the one thing I'll say is that it didn't very stick out .


Really annoyed to see Night terrors on here. It's my second favorite episode of series 6. The worst 9th episode is Hide by a country mile. I know a lot of people like that episode but I just thought it was a boring haunted house story with some stuff about time travelers and monsters thrown in for the sake of it.


1. New Earth.   2. The beast below.   3. Gridlock.  4. Daleks in Manhattan.   5. Evolution of the Daleks.           6. The Doctors Daughter.   7. The long game.   8. The hungry earth.   9. Cold blood.   10. Love and monsters.   11. Fear her.   12. Closing time.   13. The wedding of river song.  Christmas  - The runaway bride.


I agree with all here. I particularly disliked the Wedding of River Song because there simply wasn't a compelling enough reason given for the Doctor to marry River. She would have done anything for him by then - anything! - he needed to only ask. It did not make any sense to me. 


My nightmare run: 

1. New Earth (4/10)

2.  The End of the World (1/10)

3.  Victory of the Daleks (2/10)

4.  Daleks in Manhattan (4/10)

5. Rise of Cybermen or Rebel Flesh (both 1/10)

6. The Age of Steel or The Almost People (both 1/10)

7. A Good Man Goes to War (2/10)

8. Let's Kill Hitler (4/10)

9. Cold Blood (4/10)

10. Love and Monsters (1/10)

11. Boom Town (1/10)

12. Stolen Earth (1/10)

13. Journey's End (3/10)

RTD) The Runaway Bride (3/10)

MOFF) A Christmas Carol (6/10)


In all honesty, Episode 13 was incredibly tough. It's by no means a horrible episode

Baker Street is on the Orient Express
Baker Street is on the Orient Express

If I had to do a Nightmare Run, it would look like this:

1. New Earth - 7/10

2. The End of the World - 8/10

3. Victory of the Daleks - 7/10

4. The Girl in the Fireplace (sorry!) - 6/10

5. Flesh and Stone - 6/10

6. The Doctor's Daughter - 7/10

7. Amy's Choice - 7/10

8. Let's Kill Hitler - 6/10

9. Night Terrors - 3/10

10. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS - 8/10

11. Turn Left - 8/10

12. Nightmare in Silver - 7/10

13. The Wedding of River Song - 8/10

RTD Special: The Next Doctor - 7/10

Moffat Special: n/a (they're all 10/10s)

Looking back at it, this could be quite controversial. Also, it looks quite good (a 1/10 for an episode of Doctor Who is equal to a 10/10 for any other show).

Baker Street is on the Orient Express
Baker Street is on the Orient Express

This run actually looks quite good. Whilst none of the ones I voted for are in here, some of my seconds/thirds definitely are. I'm glad "Night Terrors" made it onto the list (I really don't like the episode, and it's hard to say why), but then, although I expected to see it, I'm sad that "Love and Monsters" did too. It's a brilliant episode - if you can excuse the paving slab Ursula. Hey, I even like the Absorbaloff (although more as a concept perhaps), and it was an episode that I was massively fond of from the moment I watched it. Marc Warren is great, it got me into ELO, LINDA is basically us, all of the characters are very loveable, and Elton's little speech at the end is fantastic.

Moving on, "Fear Her"'s a mixed bag for me and I think "watchable" sums it up, although it's not too bad; I too would have swapped "Closing Time" with "Nightmare in Silver", but I'd still only have it second last; I totally agree with "The Wedding of River Song", because it didn't feel very much like a finale to me and had a lot of potential; I totally disagree, on the other hand, with "Planet of the Dead" (I was expecting "The Next Doctor" to show up), and find it to be one of the most funny, exciting, tense and best-looking episodes ever; "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" was another I knew was going to appear here, but I actually find it very beautiful, very enjoyable and just generally a very good episode.


My nightmare run

9- Night Terrors. Doesnt stand a chance against any of the other episodes)

10- Vincent and the Doctor. overrated episode with an overbearing score in the final sequences telling you how to feel, weak nonseical threat which is dealt with far too early. The only glimpses of enjoyment I got from the episode is the tackling of depression and Bill Nighys episode stealing cameo.

11- Fear Her

12- Nightmare in Silver

13- Last of the Timelords

RTD Special. Voyage of the Damned

Moffat Special. The Doctor, Widow & The Wardrobe. Decent enough but doesn't compare to Moffats other offerings.


That was a bizarre outcome, over than Love and Monsters and Fear Her.....seriously expected series 3 finale to be voted the worst, it was so horribly cheesy.


Firstly, I agree with most of these picks. I think even though I could argue that Journey to the Center of the Tardis is worse than Love and Monsters I understand that most of fandom hate Love and Monsters and except that verdict. I do think the two specials picks are the most questionable. I would have chosen Voyage of the Damned for RTD and I think I would have chosen The Time of The Doctor for the Moffat special. The Doctor, Widow, and the Wardrobe is more cohesive and the better told story. The Time of the Doctor has great moments, but also has a lot that doesn't work and is very disjointed as a story. I also think that Boom Town in Series one is almost as bad as Fear Her and is one of the four worst of all of Nu Who so those who think the First Series doesn't have a bad episode may want to rewatch that one. It's terrible! I agree that Fear Her edges it though, but only by a nose.


If I listed my Nightmare Run, it would go like this:

1) Partners In Crime (It's okay, but doesn't get any better than okay)

2) The Shakespeare Code (I absolutely hate the magic in this episode. It's ridiculous that saying certain words can make things happen physically. I know it's sci-fi, but there has to be some believability. Apart from that, it's a decent episode.)

3) The Curse Of The Black Spot (In this case, I had to pick the episode I thought was the least decent, if that makes sense)

4) Daleks In Manhattan (It's a meh episode, imo)

5) The Rebel Flesh (Another meh episode)

6) The Almost People (Again, meh)

7) The Unicorn And The Wasp (Meh)

8) Silence In The Library (Again meh, a really overrated two-parter)

9) Night Terrors (Probably the one of the two episodes I don't think is worth watching)

10) Love and Monsters (With the laughable costume and performance from Peter Kay, that ruins this episode. It's not anywhere near as bad as people make out, but is below average. Evidence of why jobs should be left to the people who get paid for doing that job, and not children)

11) Fear Her (I also think that this episode is nowhere as bad as people make it out to be, with a great performance from Billie Piper. However it was just a bad idea in my opinion, and the only redeemable feature of this episode is Billie Piper's performance and the ending.)

12) Closing Time (While I think this is a good episode, it is just a case of the rest being better)

13) Last Of The Time Lords (I have a similar problem with this episode as I do with my choice for Episode 2. I hate the fairytale element.)

RTD Special) Planet Of The Dead (While there is nothing specifically wrong with this episode, it's just plain boring. However, Lee Evans gives a fantastic and hilarious performance.)

SM Special) The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe (This is without a doubt my least favourite episode of Doctor Who. It's just so boring and childish that I really don't think this episode is even worth watching.)


Series 2 is known as one of the worst series? I'd agree with Series 6, but what is the OP basing this on? Personally, Series 2 is my favourite series, with only a couple of bad episodes. Also if anyone is saying that Series 1 does not contain a bad episode, then I turn your attention to 'The Long Game'. The one and only bad episode of Series 1.


No surprises here tbh, but I do like Planet Of The Dead. Mainly for Lee Evans though. :)


I feel like, for all the hate Love and Monsters gets, all the fans of this episode should make a group called FLLAM - Fans who Love Love And Monsters (terrible name, but that's all I got this early in the morning)l. We can meet and make interpretative Abzorbaloff art, ship Elton and Ursula, even put together an ELO tribute band. I'll cook as well.


I actually like a lot Closing and Wedding.


I'm glad at least one Moffat episode made it out of the hugbox


Ok Lets have a looksee -

 Episode NINE— Night Terrors , I rate it a 9/10 –I dont understand all the hate for this episode, its not the best of Doctor Who, but the subplot of George's relationship with his father saved it for me, wonderful! Im not upset that NT is here though, it had some strong competition.

Episode TEN-  Love and Monsters, It embarrasses me to even remember this episode - A 6/10 mainly for Jackie, she was brilliant, as for everything else.... No, Yuck ew

Episode ELEVEN – Fear Her, another stinker! It had potential to be good, but it fails miserbly and is my least favourite episode of New Who.

Episode TWELVE – First things first - I  love Closing Time, and I love Nightmare in Silver- 2 absolutely sensational episodes! So its an easy trade for "The Sound of Drums", while Season 3's Episode 13 is great, I felt 12 lacked some electricity! 

Episode THIRTEEN-NOOOOOOOO NOT THE WEDDING OF RIVER SONG! A Brilliant Episode noone seems to like, I dont get it! Whats wrong with you people!! It has to be Last of the Timelords for me- while excellent, the others are more so!

RTD- No contest here, TPOTD deserves that bottom place, nothing more to be said!

MOFF– The Doctor The Widow and the Wardrobe is sensational!! Its is the best of Who! But against those beauty's it was sure to end up here, and I cant even trade it for anything! Because they're all so PERFECT!

So all Up We hin My NR ave









1) New Earth 

2) The fires of Pompeii

3) gridlock

4) the power of three

5) angels take Manhattan (hate, hate, HATE that episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

6) The Lazarus Experiment

7) The Idiot's Lantern

8) lets kill Hitler & human nature

9) family of blood

10) Love and Monsters

11) Fear Her

12) nightmare in silver

13) Journey's End

RTD) planet of the dead

Moff) The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe 


How Series 7 didn't get the nightmare run, I'll never know? Love And Monsters and The Wedding Of River Song are actually really good episodes and did not deserve to be here at all!                                 

Nightmare Run:                                                                                                                                                       

1. New Earth

2. The Fires Of Pompeii

3. Gridlock

4. Daleks In Manhattan

5. Evolution Of The Daleks

6. The Lazarus Experiment

7. The Rings Of Akhaten

8. Cold War

9. Hide

10. Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS

11. The Crimson Horror

12. Nightmare In Silver

13. The Last Of The Time Lords

Russell T Davies Special = The End Of Time

Steven Moffat Special = The Time Of The Doctor

Now this is the actual real list now.

DaftDalek is Ceter Papaldi: Moon Lives!
DaftDalek is Ceter Papaldi: Moon Lives!

No suprises, I think. Anyway my NR is 9. Night Terrors 10. Love & Monsters 11. Fear Her 12. Nightmare In Silver 13. The Wedding Of River Song  RTD. The Next Doctor  Moff. The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe


I count 'nightmare' episodes as episodes that bore me and most of these do, except Night Terrors maybe which was quite chilling, the rest though I quite agree with, especially Closing Time.

TheNightmareChild will ascertain its true nature
TheNightmareChild will ascertain its true nature

Not terribly surprised by any of these.  I feel compelled to say that, while Love and Monsters is by no means a favorite of mine, I also don't despise it as much as most fans do.  Yeah, the episode was a bit silly at parts but I think that was kind of the point.  The only thing I found horrific was the very end.  Ursula being relegated to being a face on a pavement slab is both really creepy and quite sad, which I don't think the episode was going for.  But compared to everything else this episode was going up against, even if this ending had been different, there’s still no real reason to vote for this episode over any other, so it feels right for it to be here.

As for The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, I’m not at all surprised that it’s found its way here, either, but I would still strongly contend that A Christmas Carol is much, much worse.  But I’m not gonna get into that again. :p


For me: Night Terrors 9/10 - I don´t understand why so many people don't like it, The Wedding of River Song and Planet of the Dead both 9.5/10.


@NickyArmstrong  "1. Asylum of the Daleks - Bringing back Amy and Rory in a pointless and mean-spirited way when their story was finished." i totally agree with you, without them i would probably like that story.


No! I love it too! We are no longer alone!


@ahunter8056  Personally, I only enjoyed Tooth and Claw, The Girl in the Fireplace, and The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. Outside of that, everything was either average or awful.


@ahunter8056 General consensus that I have seen is that series 2 is the worst. To be honest I'd have to agree, it was quite below par.

And I rather enjoyed "The Long Game". If you're looking for weak points in series one, I recommend anything with Slitheen.


@ahunter8056  I agree with the OP, series 2 was pretty dire, apart from The Girl in the Fireplace and School Reunion there is little to speak highly of.

TheNightmareChild will ascertain its true nature
TheNightmareChild will ascertain its true nature

Also, Closing Time deserves to be here way more than Nightmare in Silver.  Yeah, the kids are annoying and the pacing is a bit dodgy, but Nightmare in Silver wasn't as tonally confused, and the Cybermen weren't thwarted in a really stupid way inlike they were in Closing Time.  Also, Nightmare did a great job making the Cybermen intimidating again.  It gets major points for that from me.


@ahunter8056 @no_tweeter  I thought it played out like fan fiction, infact as a child I did write some fanfiction with Daleks vs Cybermen. I mean it ended with a giant vacuum cleaner resolution.