Sarah Jane Adventures Series 5 Update

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Producer Brian Minchin has revealed some new information on Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out now). Check out some highlights below.

  • Half of Series 5 is complete, with the pre-production on remaining episodes starting early 2011.
  • The show will retain its Autumn slot in 2011.
  • One story will involve “The mystery of the Man Who Never Was.” (Their capitalisation).
  • There will be a new arrival on Bannerman road that “will change Sarah Jane’s life forever.”
  • There will be “powerful and heartbreaking” stories for Clyde (Daniel Anthony) and Rani (Anjli Mohindra).
  • The mysterious shopkeeper and his parrot from Lost in Time may be back.
  • Luke (Tommy Knight) will still be at Oxford university for most of the series, but he will return for another story.
  • Confirmed guest stars – Peter Bowles, Christine Stephen Daly and James Dreyfus.