Rumour: Wild West for Series 7

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Could Doctor Who be heading back to the Old West in Series 7?

There has been some speculation that Toby Whithouse’s upcoming story could be Western themed, based on his latest hints.

Now, an actor going by the username Bad Therapy reports that they recently glimpsed a Doctor Who script titled The Gunslinger.

It was either episode 4, draft 3, or episode 3, draft 4, dated late January and had some kind of watermark diagonally up the centre.

Whithouse previously stated his episode was currently planned as third in the run, so it could fit the bill.

This wouldn’t be the first time Doctor Who has ventured into the Wild West. As some may recall, the TARDIS took the first Doctor to the town of Tombstone, Arizona for the 1966 story, The Gunfighters. Interestingly, one of the working titles for which was The Gunslingers.