UPDATED: 2016 Christmas Special Adds A Superhero

doctor-capaldi-supermanCanadian actor Justin Chatwin will guest star in the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas special as a “superhero character”, claims the RadioTimes.

Their report follows:

The 33-year-old star, who played Tom Cruise’s son in War of the Worlds and starred in the US remake of Shameless and the latest series of American Gothic, is understood to have been cast as a “superhero character” in the Christmas special, according to sources on the show.

It is expected that he will portray a brash figure with an American accent – and in all likelihood a few dark interstellar secrets of one sort or another.

“The Doctor won’t have a temporary companion this Christmas and essentially that space will be taken by Nardole,” said a source. “He’s not a companion as such but it’s not as if he doesn’t play a similar role.”

As with all rumours take with a grain of salt, but stranger things have happened.

UPDATE: 6 October 2016: Confirmed.

Speaking on CTV’s Your Morning in Canada, Capaldi said: “We’ve got a wonderful Canadian actor – Justin Chatwin – who’s in it. He told me if I mentioned his name I’d get a free drink! We just finished filming it on Friday. It’s very festive. I don’t know quite what I can say about it.”

Steven Moffat added: “It’s a blockbuster. Justin is a superhero – as all Canadians are obviously.”