Rose & Jack Claim They’re Not Coming Back for 50th

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captain-jack-rose-emptyBillie Piper and John Barrowman both appear to have ruled out a return for Rose Tyler and Captain Jack in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show (airing this Friday), Piper said: “No. I’ve not been asked.

“I think Matt Smith said something in passing or in jest like, ‘That would be nice’, and it became something, but no.”

Barrowman echoed Piper in another interview claiming: “I haven’t been asked.”

He added: “I would love to if they ask me and I know that Andrew Kreisberg [creator of ‘Arrow’] has already said to me if they want me in the 50th anniversary, he will give me the time off from “Arrow” to do it. But it’s not up to me.

“The fans keep asking me online and on Twitter. If I had an answer I would tell you, but it’s not up to me. Personally, as a fan of the show, I would be disappointed if Capt. Jack was not involved.”