Robots, River and the Doctor’s Death

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Newsarama has a great interview with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They talk about a whole bunch of Doctor Who topics and give more hints on what’s coming up in the remainder of Series 6. Here are some highlights:

  • The ‘time robot’ Karen Gillan previously described is actually the Teselecta from Let’s Kill Hitler
  • Karen gives “the performance of a life time in episode 10”.
  • The Doctor’s death is “definitely still going to happen and will be touched on.”…
  • …Matt Smith added: “We see it happen again. The Doctor dies. So we’ve got to figure THAT one out.”
  • Amy wants her baby back, and her parental instincts will kick in….
  • …But Amy will not find it easy to control River
  • River kissing the Doctor is “an issue that is raised.”
  • Amy’s “undying faith” in the Doctor is something that is explored with the Minotaur in The God Complex
  • …But something else happens that changes that completely
  • Gillan wants a Star Trek crossover, Matt wants a True Blood one
  • On the Doctor’s past actions and fame,  Matt says “There’s a real journey for the Doctor to go on now.”