River’s Revelation Date

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We’ve been told repeatedly that the Spring 2011 finale of Doctor Who Series 6 will leave us on a huge cliffhanger. But what might that be exactly? One of the more likely plot scenarios is the revelation of who River Song really is.

Matt Smith has seemingly revealed that this is the case in a new interview.

“I hope The Doctor does actually discover who this lady is,” Smith told the Salt Lake Tribune.”Steven [Moffat] has told Alex [Kingston] everything about the whole next season’s plotline and story, and he’s told me nothing because narratively, I’m meant to know less than her. He tells us it’s all on a need-to-know basis and wants us to find out like fans. He said to me about the Episode 7 cliffhanger, ‘I want you to drop your script when you’re reading it.’ “

Source: Salt Lake Tribune