River’s End?

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Note: may contain spoilers

Some of you may remember just last week we reported on a rumour that said Amy Pond was going to die in the Series 6 spring finale of Doctor Who.

Well, according to The Star, it’s actually River Song (Alex Kingston) that is set to be killed.

Says the article,”River will be back next year but the long-awaited reunion will end in tears when she is killed off.”

‘Show insiders’ apparently told the tabloid that Amy Pond will not die during the show next year, “It’s news to us. As far as we’re concerned [Karen Gillan] is set to star in all 13 episodes. It’s River Song who’s for the axe.”

Fans will, of course, realise we have already seen River Song’s death in Forest of the Dead, so this can’t possibly be right, can it? Unless there’s some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey explanation we haven’t thought of…