River Song in Series 7?

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River Song will appear in at least two episodes of Series 6 when Doctor Who returns this Autumn. That much we know, but will her story arc continue to Series 7? Whatever the case, Alex Kingston has said she is very happy to continue playing the role.

“I’d love to [return]. As long as we feel that there are still stories to tell, I’m happy to continue,” she says in the latest Doctor Who Magazine (out now). “It’s not often, as a woman, that you find such a fabulous, kick-ass role to play, but I think, in order to make her a fully-rounded character, there have to be real, hidden emotional depths that are slowly revealed, so I’m loving all that. She’s an amazing character.

“I love playing her, and I love that she’s been embraced – not just by parents, but also by kids, because that makes her sort of ageless. She’s naughty, irreverent and fun…and she gets the best entrances and exits every episode. Nothing is too bizarre for River. She’s fabulous.”

When asked about what secrets River has left, she said intriguingly: “It’s science fiction and it’s Steven [Moffat] – so River could stand in some stormfield somewhere and suddenly lose her power to regenerate or, if she doesn’t have regenerative powers, she could gain them. Who knows. “