Return of the Dinosaurs?

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Matt Smith has mentioned in a several past interviews that he’d love to have his own Doctor Who story with dinosaurs in. Is he about to get his wish?

The closest the 11th Doctor has had so far is the fleeting appearance of Pterosaurs in The Wedding of River Song last year. The 3rd Doctor most famously battled the prehistoric monsters in 1974’s Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

According to a new rumour, dinosaurs will appear in Series 7, with unconfirmed claims that animatronic ones have been seen on set.

Of course, you might expect they’d just use CGI instead, however, the poster adds the dinosaurs weren’t full-sized animatronics:

It was the animatronic ‘bits’ that can be interacted with and are shot with the actors, a la Walking With Dinosaurs or Jurassic Park. You know, legs, limbs, jaws with bulk of FX done as CGI.

As with all rumours, make of it what you will.

Video below: Sarah Jane vs T-rex from Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

Thanks to SuperJohn