Retrospective: The 11th Doctor

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Amy Pond
Doctor-Who-The-Eleventh-Hour (26)This feisty Scottish girl first met the Eleventh Doctor in ‘The Eleventh Hour’ when she was a little girl when he crash landed in her back garden during his regeneration process. After many re-encounters with the Time Lord she finally was given the chance to join him on his adventures and became a very loyal friend/step-parent. There was a time where she wished to travel with the Doctor forever but in the end her feelings for her husband Rory Williams made her choose him over her raggedy man by sacrificing herself to a Weeping Angel in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan.’ Amy briefly returned at the end of ‘The Time of the Doctor’ as a hallucination before the Eleventh Doctor regenerated.

Rory Williams
rory-a-good-man-repeat-questionRory was at first wary of the Eleventh Doctor during their first encounter in ‘The Eleventh Hour’ but upon his return in ‘The Vampires of Venice’ he slowly adjusted to the life of the Time Lord and became, like Amy, a very loyal friend, if at times disagreeing with his motives. Rory sacrificed himself for the Doctor in ‘Cold Blood’ before being resurrected as an Auton in ‘The Pandorica Opens’. He was finally restored back to normal in ‘The Big Bang’. He continued to travel with the Eleventh Doctor until he was sadly taken by a Weeping Angel in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’.

River Song

River playing the long con

This mysterious woman went through hell after she was kidnapped at birth by the Silence in order to be turned into a weapon against the Doctor. Before her truth was revealed she encountered the Eleventh Doctor in her mysterious ways during the events of ‘The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone’, ‘The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang’ and ‘The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon’. She was revealed to be Amy and Rory’s child in ‘A Good Man Goes to War’. During the events of ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ she attempted to kill the Doctor but ultimately failed when she realised she had feelings for the Time Lord. In ‘The Wedding of River Song’ she managed to resist killing the Doctor at the point of his fixed death causing a massive time rupture that nearly ripped the universe apart. Upon realising the Eleventh Doctor had a means of escaping his death, she quickly reverted time back to its original order. River returned to see her parents final adventure in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ before making one last appearance after her death during the events of the Library as a ghost to aid the Eleventh Doctor in his battle against the Great Intelligence in ‘The Name of the Doctor’.

Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant
Sarah Jane Adventures Death of the Doctor pictures (14)The Eleventh Doctor encountered his old friends Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant during the events of ‘Death of the Doctor’ in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Jo Grant afterwards went on to continue her extraordinary adventures with her grandson Santiago while Sarah Jane simply continued to battle against aliens from Bannerman Road with her son Luke Smith, her trusted robot-dog K9 Mark IV and her friends Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra till the end of her days.

Kazran Sardick
Doctor Who A Christmas Carol Pics (11)This bah humbug was given the Christmas Carol treatment by the Eleventh Doctor in ‘A Christmas Carol’ using the concept of time-travel to represent his ghosts. In an attempt to make him a nicer person to save Amy and Rory from crashing on their cruise-liner, the Eleventh Doctor went back in time and rewrote Kazran’s past but the end result was the same. The Eleventh Doctor showed the ghost of Christmas Future in the form of his childhood self witnessing his own future which ultimately snapped him into becoming a good person. He then aided the Eleventh Doctor in rescuing his friends and spent one last night with his childhood sweetheart Abigail Pettigrew.

The Paternoster Gang
doctor-who-the-snowmen-christmas-pics-(4)This little gang were first introduced in ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ where they aided the Time Lord in his battle at Demons Run. The trio consists of Madame Vastra (a Silurian), Jenny Flint (a Human) and Commander Strax (a Sontaran). They each work together in Victorian London solving crimes. They appeared again in ‘The Snowmen’ in order to help the Eleventh Doctor through his long line of depression and his battle against the Great Intelligence. They returned in ‘The Crimson Horror’ to help prevent the evil plans of Winifred Gillyflower and Mr Sweet. There last appearance to date was in ‘The Name of the Doctor’ where they were kidnapped by the Great Intelligence and were witnesses to one of the Eleventh Doctor’s darkest battles within his tomb on Trenzalore.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
The Doctor’s oldest and most trust-worthy friend the Brigadier was announced dead in ‘The Wedding of River Song’. This news upset the Eleventh Doctor deeply and in many ways gave him the courage to face his death head on and find a means to defeat his fate in time.

Madge Arwell
doctorwhotv The Doctor The Widow and the Wardrobe batch (7)Madge was the one-off companion in ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe’ who the Eleventh Doctor befriended after she rescued him after his battle with an alien fleet in space. As a means of gratitude he decided to take Madge and her children Lily and Cyril to the planet where Christmas trees originated only for this festive gift to backfire and end them up in a whole heap of trouble. In the end the events caused Madge to rescue her husband Reg from his death in World War II. Madge was also responsible for making the Eleventh Doctor return to his friends Amy and Rory.

Kate Stewart
power-of-three-promo-pics-(7)The Brigadier’s daughter, Kate, was introduced in ‘The Power of Three’ where she aided the Eleventh Doctor in battling against the Cubes engineered by the Shakri.

Kate returned in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ where she called the Eleventh Doctor in to obey a calling from Queen Elizabeth II. She later ended up battling against the Zygons while the Eleventh Doctor was trapped in the past and nearly destroyed London at the cost of preventing the creatures from claiming the contents of the Black Archive.

Clara Oswald
clara-oswin-oswald-threeThe impossible girl was first encountered by the Eleventh Doctor in ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ and then later on in ‘The Snowmen’ with both occasions seeing her demise. The Time Lord eventually tracked Clara Oswald down again in modern times in ‘The Bells of Saint John’ where he finally prevented her death and asked her to become his new companion. They travelled far and wide and became good friends but the one thing that bugged the Eleventh Doctor was the impossibility of them bumping into each other on several occasions throughout time and space.

In ‘The Name of the Doctor’ it was revealed that the reasoning behind their multiple encounters was due to Clara jumping into the Doctor’s time-stream within his tomb on Trenzalore in order to prevent the Great Intelligence from destroying the Time Lord’s life. Clara was splintered into thousands of pieces, scattered throughout the Doctor’s timeline to help him out when possible. She even aided the First Doctor and Susan Foreman in their escape of Gallifrey thereby beginning the Time Lord’s adventures in the first place. Clara was rescued by the Eleventh Doctor and was later made a teacher at Coal Hill School in ‘The Day of the Doctor’. During the events of this adventure she questioned the Doctor in his resolve of the Last Great Time War due to never quite believing he was capable of such a hard decision. This in turn led him to choose a different path, thereby finally giving himself redemption by saving Gallifrey instead.

During the events of ‘The Time of the Doctor’ Clara did all she could to prevent the Doctor from dying, even to the point of pleading to the Time Lords. They in turn granted him a new set of regenerations as a result. Clara was present at the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration and cried with sadness not wanting him to change.

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