Ratings, Smatings

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While certain sensationalist newspapers would have you believe Doctor Who ratings have dropped this year and the show is in trouble, the final figures prove otherwise.

In fact, The Impossible Astronaut saw a whopping 2.3 million increase on the initial overnight figure, according to SFX.

In total then, 8.86 million viewers watched the premiere of Series 6 in the UK. That takes into account those who recorded the show and watched it later. And there are still iPlayer viewings to add.

Compared to previous Series openers –

  • Rose (2005) 10.8m
  • New Earth (2006) 8.6m
  • Smith and Jones (2007) 8.7m
  • Partners in Crime (2008) 9.1m
  • The Eleventh Hour (2010) 10.08m

In short, Doctor Who is doing just fine and is not in any danger.

Overnight figures for Day Of The Moon were at 5.4 million viewers and we will likely see a big increase on that, once again.