Radio Times Miracle Day Cover & Review

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Radio Times have dedicated their new issue to Torchwood Miracle Day. Inside it has a feature article with interviews from the cast and crew.

Here are their thoughts on the first episode:

A rapist and child murderer is led to his execution by lethal injection in an American prison. He’s a gimlet-eyed, set-jawed beast (brilliantly played, against type, by the splendid Bill Pullman, star of so many romantic comedies).

But something odd happens in the death chamber. The fatal dose is administered, but the killer doesn’t die. It is Miracle Day, when the critically ill and the fatally injured remain stubbornly alive.

Of course, the world must be saved because if no one dies and babies keep on being born, then the global population will explode. Only Torchwood can save the day, but it’s been disbanded. Captain Jack (John Barrowman) has vanished and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) is in hiding on the Welsh coast with her husband and baby. But when the call comes, they have to act.

It’s a big, slick, gruesome and noisy start to the new series (written by Russell T Davies), full of sound, fury and bluster. There is a lot of running and a lot of shooting and, probably due to a big chunk of American money (it’s a co-production with US channel Starz) it’s coated with a thick Hollywood sheen. Just think of it as a fairground ride, and hang on tight.

You can see also see a behind-the-scenes video on the cover shoot here. The magazine is out now.