Q&A Recap: The Master, River’s Return, Neil Gaiman

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If you missed the Doctor Who Q&A earlier today with Matt Smith and Executive Producer Caroline Skinner, here is a brief recap of some of the more interesting parts. There’s are no major spoilers (as usual with the cast and crew interviews) but a few interesting titbits.

  • Asked about the “Fall Of The Eleventh”, Matt said there are still many adventures to come before that
  • Nothing much on the 50th anniversary except to say there are big plans and “it’s cool and exciting”
  • Matt spoke about The God Complex and what was behind the door and gave the same answer as posted here
  • Matt wants his Doctor to battle Master and wondered if John Simm would still play him
  • Neil Gaiman’s episode was teased and it contains “some old classics”
  • Both Matt and Skinner mentioned they’d like the see the Ice Warriors and the Yeti return (a hint?)
  • Matt promised a great monster for the opener next year and thinks the episode will be a classic
  • They confirmed the return of River Song next year, but not what episode she will appear in