Poll: To 3D or not to 3D

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This post is brought to you in 3D courtesy of LetsSaveTheUniverse

It’s fair to say that the reception to the news earlier this week revealing that Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary will be in 3D has been mixed. So this week we ask, how do you feel about it? Vote in the poll below.

Last week’s poll results

We asked: Is a multi-Doctor special the best way to celebrate the 50th anniversary?

After almost five thousand votes, here’s the results:

  • Absolutely! It’s the only way to celebrate such an occasion! 72%
  • I’d prefer it if they just brought back the new Who Doctors 19%
  • No. I’d rather Moffat tried something different 9%

As we can see the majority want a multi-Doctor story with 72% calling for it. 19% are only interested the new Who Doctors returning. Only 9% want to see something different.