Poll: Multi-Doctor story for the 50th?

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Many fans are expecting past Doctors to feature in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, but is that the best way to celebrate the grand occasion? Or should Steven Moffat try something different? Vote in the poll below.

Last week’s poll results

We asked: Is 60-minutes long enough for a 50th anniversary special?

After almost five thousand votes, here’s the results:

  • I’d prefer a feature length special at least 49%
  • Absolutely not. There should be multiple specials for such a big occasion 43%
  • Yes. I’m very happy with a 60-minute special 8%

As we can see voting was split between multiple specials and a feature length one, with the latter eventually coming out on top. One thing is pretty clear: most of you do not consider 60-minutes long enough.