Poll: Ice Warriors or Cybermen?

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Two classic monsters are confirmed to be returning for the second half of Series 7. We have the Cybermen in the eagerly anticipated Neil Gaiman story, and the first appearance in the revival of the Ice Warriors. This question is, which one are you most anticipating? Vote in the poll below.

Last week’s poll results

We asked: How do you feel about the 50th anniversary in 3D?

Here’s the results.

  • I’m against it. I really can’t see the point and won’t/can’t take advantage of it 46%
  • Indifferent 28%
  • I’m for it. I believe this will add much to the experience and plan to take advantage of it 26%

An interesting result. Just under half of those who voted said they were against it. The remaining half were almost equally split between indifference and being for it.