Pirate Pond

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Filming on the third episode of Series 6 is now underway and it looks as though it will be the kind of pirate adventure Jack Sparrow would be proud of.

On location in Charlestown, Cornwall, Graham Smith got a snap of the one of the ships that was being being prepared for filming. Notice the obligatory pirate flag.

Later, Youtube user slademark98 caught Karen Gillan getting into the swing of things quite literally. The video shows Gillan swinging from the ropes on a ship whilst wielding a sword. We assume this was just a rehearsal.

Inmydarkestdays also captured Gillan engaged in some swashbuckling action at night: “[in the scene] It seems that someone (presumably the Doctor or Rory) has just been forced to walk the plank and Amy fights back but is taken off guard. The bit where she runs and knocks everyone over is meant to be for a rope swing.”