Peter De Jersey Hopeful for Gallifrey Return

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Androgar-day-of-the-doctorPeter de Jersey has said that he is hopeful fans will get to see Gallifrey and the Time Lords in the show again.

The actor previously portrayed the Time Lord Androgar in The Day of the Doctor.

He told Flicks and the City: “It was too exciting and a great honour [to be involved in the 50th]. I was thrilled with the way it all worked out and working opposite Ken Bones [The General] was great.”

He adds: “Now that myself and Ken Bones are on Gallifrey and frozen in time I hope very much that someone might unfreeze us one day so we can join forces again.”

On Peter Capaldi he said: “I’m immensely looking forward to Peter. It’s a great idea to go with someone of Peter’s stature and age. He is timeless and a fantastic actor. After the great work that Matt Smith did, you need to shake it up a bit.”