NTA Interview: Smith on Who Future

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Digital Spy have uploaded a segment of Matt Smith’s backstage interview from last night’s National Television Awards where he talks about his future on the show.

Smith was asked if the Ponds exit from the show had changed his own plans. His answer is was what led to some confusion last night when a couple of quotes were posted on Twitter. However, his full response clears things up and gives some actual context.

He said: “I sort of always knew that me and Karen would have slightly different journeys in the show. People say, ‘Are you very sad?’ I’m sad because I enjoy working with Karen and Arthur [Darvill], they are wonderful guys. But the show is bigger than all of us actors in it. It’s bigger than all of us who write it and has been going far longer and will continue far longer and have a life way after me. I’m here for a very small period of time.

“I’m here for the future, I love making the show. I have no plans to leave. I’ve got a year of Who and I’ll take it from there really.

“I am absolutely interested in films, I’ve always loved the idea and process of films and I am actually interested in directing.”