No Old Monsters or Regeneration for 50th?

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There’s been plenty of discussion so far on which Doctors and companions might appear in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, but what about the monsters?

It seems obvious to assume Steven Moffat will bring back some of the most iconic ones. However, his latest comment possibly suggests otherwise.

He told the Independent: “One thing I’m slightly concerned about is that you get something like the 50, people start talking like it’s a full stop. I want to build for the future. I want to set up the next 50 years and to say: ‘Here are the new monsters we’re introducing.’ Rather than doing something which might seem like a farewell tour, because it certainly is not.”

Moffat also was quick to rule out a surprise regeneration and a new Doctor appearing: “The search [for the next Doctor] hasn’t started. Matt Smith will be the Doctor forever.”

In the Radio Times, Matt Smith also claimed there would not be a regeneration.