No Jack in 50th “Would be a travesty”

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John Barrowman really seems to be angling for a place in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special of late. He’s been chatting about returning to the show again and now thinks it would be a “travesty” if Jack didn’t turn up.

Speaking on This Morning today, Barrowman said: “I would love to [return]. I think that Captain Jack is such a big part of the new realm of Doctor Who that it would be a travesty if he wasn’t involved in some way.”

Barrowman also gave an update on Torchwood series 5 and says the show is still in limbo.

He said: “We have no idea. I can tell you honestly, I don’t even know. It’s a big decision. I would love another series, but all I can say is we’re in a little bit of a limbo state at the moment.”