No Hat for Matt!

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It looks as though the Eleventh Doctor will be getting a costume tweak in the sixth series.

Matt Smith hinted at last night’s finale BAFTA screening that a change could be on the way, although his preference to add a hat has not gone down well.

Smith is quoted on Digital Spy as saying, “I went to a costume fitting this very morning for next year, which was very interesting! I’ve just heard, basically, ‘Tell him he can’t have a hat unless it’s written down that he has a hat!’. So let’s see. There’s going to be a whole back and forth now.”

He added: “I’ve always said that I think it will evolve but I’m very pleased that the costume feels it has an element of the professor.

“But just practically, we film in November and it’s freezing! And just a tweed jacket can get a bit cold, so who knows…”