No 10th Anniversary Special For New Who?

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doctors-9-10-11-12Steven Moffat has responded to the question of whether there will be a special to celebrate the 10th anniversary of New Who in 2015.

Speaking at today’s Deep Breath launch (Via) Moffat said he was surprised the show was still so big nearly a decade on: “Russell said ‘we could get 10 years out of this’. None of us could imagine that nearly ten years later it would be getting a bigger and bigger reaction every year.

“So that’s just phenomenal, absolutely amazing. It’s terrifying, but dear God I will miss these days when I’m back on BBC 28.”

Then posed the question about a special to mark the occasion next year: “We’ve only just done the 50th! After the huge fuss over 50 years of Doctor Who, I think it’s time to settle down and move forwards.

However, he reminded fans that he doesn’t always tell the truth either: “So we’re not planning [a special]… unless I’m lying.”

Make your own minds up.