Nightmare in Silver Teasers

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Below you will find Doctor Who TV’s first set of hints and teasers for Saturday’s episode, Nightmare in Silver.

  1. 1909010214190904212306211923181114
  2. There’s a couple of creepy moments, but this isn’t a scary episode
  3. The latest Cybermen have several new tricks, but one very old weakness remains
  4. The Cybermen don’t speak much at all, but they are still pretty noisy when they move
  5. “You’ve been… eaofiltufsiirrtmnsooigemrnylhy…. You know you could be… 09222412130807090624072223 21091214 071922 19121522 …you’ve left?”
  6. “Not even a Cybermat any more”
  7. A monster from Torchwood episode “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” cameos
  8. “Your brain Doctor, it’s quite remarkable!”
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