Nightmare in Silver Details

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The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine also contains some new details for Neil Gaiman’s upcoming Cybermen story, Nightmare in Silver.

Here’s some highlights:

series-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-(31) cybermenSynopsis:

Welcome to Webley’s World of Wonders! Roll up, roll up. Miracles, marvels and more await you. The wonder of the age. The miracle of modernity. They were defeated a thousand years ago, but now they’re back to destroy you. So fast, so smart, and so strong that fighting them is suicidal. Nightmares in silver! Ladies and gentlemen, behold- the 699th wonder of the universe – the Cybermen! As you’ve never seen them before…


THE DOCTOR: ‘I am putting Clara in charge. Clara, stay alive till I get back – and don’t let anyone blow up this planet!’
Other stuff:
  • Neil Gaiman on writing it: “In some ways, it was absolutely horrible. Having written The Doctor’s Wife, you might think there’s nowhere to go but down, but I love pressure.”
  • There is a Closing Time-style Cyberman playing chess
  • The Doctor and Clara on the Moon
  • Neil had some say in the redesign of the Cybermen. He was trying to make their face mask more in line with their 60s design
  • Neil says about the Cybermen: ‘If you look at the 1966/67 Cybermen, people are looking out of the eyeholes and breathing through the mouth and they’re in exactly the right place on the human face to give you that uncanny valley. Previously, on the modern Cybermen, the eyes are up here, and the mouth is out there and quite small, and it’s almost like a snake face or a dog face. They didn’t read in the brain as a human being that’s somehow not; they read as like a monster, which made them something else. That was great – but we wanted to try something which went back to the 60s look. Our Cybermen are scarier than ever.’

[Big thanks to Finlay]