Night Terrors Tidbits

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We’ve complied some more episode tidbits for Night Terrors from this week’s TV listings magazines. They are fairly spoiler-free this week.

  • Eerie noises seem to be coming from inside George’s bedroom cupboard
  • The TARDIS crash-lands on a council estate, after hearing a distress call
  • The TARDIS trio go door-to-door to find the source of the call
  • The Doctor arrives at George’s house and meets Alex, who tells him about the cupboard, which George is too afraid to open
  • Amy and Rory are separated and get into a lift and then it malfunctions…
  • …They end up in a dolls house, where the Peg Dolls are in charge
  • The Doctor opens George’s cupboard and he and Alex are also sucked into the doll’s house
  • George is the only one who can save them, but only if he opens the cupboard
  • The Peg Dolls giggle and have powers of transformation

 SFX has also posted 20 preview teasers for the episode:

  • It’s 99.9% arc plot free
  • It’s a small-scale, intimate, claustrophobic episode. The main stars are the shadows
  • It’s a very simple tale. Perhaps too simple for some tastes. There’s little in the actual plot that hasn’t been done in telefantasy before a number of times before
  • On the other hand it’s rich in atmosphere, and the monsters are freaky
  • It has the best use of sound design in the show since “Midnight”
  • The Doctor does something he hasn’t done in a while
  • There’s a twin dilemma
  • Amy’s hair makes her easy to spot
  • The Doctor has a post-modern rebuttal for his real world critics
  • The biscuit agenda is back!
  • Somebody gets floored
  • There’s a genuinely creepy transformation
  • Somebody can’t plump for Brian like he normally does
  • The show does something it was criticised for back in 1964… and does it big time
  • Listen carefully at the end

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