Night Terrors Teasers

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Digital Spy have posted 10 intriguing new teasers from Night Terrors.

  1. “Please save me from the monsters.”
  2. Rory makes an EastEnders reference.
  3. “Planets and history and stuff – that’s what we do!”
  4. One for the hard-core fans – there’s a direct mention of 1970s Doctor Who stage play ‘Seven Keys to Doomsday’.
  5. “Three old ladies, a traffic warden from Croatia and a man with ten cats.”
  6. The episode contains a big twist that we didn’t see coming.
  7. “Why aren’t there any lights? I miss lights.”
  8. The Doctor is still a fan of those Jammie Dodgers.
  9. “Look – wooden chicken!”
  10. Three words – Giant. Pink. Scissors.