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Kill the Moon Advance Review

Doctor Who TV's pre-air verdict on Saturday's episode. Continue reading

Roberts Explains Why Ian Chesterton Didn’t Appear in The Caretaker

"I think that’s an episode all of its own." Continue reading

The Blood Cell Review

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull gives his verdict on James Goss' 12th Doctor novel. Continue reading

Examining the Doctor’s Attitude Towards Soldiers

Mark McCullough takes a look at the Doctor's anti-soldier attitude and its more recent prominence. Continue reading

Poll: Your Most Anticipated Series 8 Story (Eps 7-12)

Vote for your most anticipated Series 8 story from the second half. Continue reading

2nd Opinion: The Caretaker

David Selby and John Hussey both give their own verdict on the 6th episode. Continue reading

A Whology: Maggie Stables

Gustaff Behr pays tribute to the late Maggie Stables. Continue reading

Kill The Moon Promo Pics

Official promo gallery for episode 7. Continue reading

Your Verdict on Time Heist & Episode Ranking

Last week's episode rating and the Face-Off results. Continue reading

Remembering the Ponds – 2 Years On

Connor Johnston pays tribute to Eleventh Doctor companions Amelia Pond and Rory Williams. Continue reading

Next Time: Kill The Moon

UPDATE: TV trailer added. Continue reading

12 Great Moments From The Caretaker

Mark McCullough picks out twelve faves from the sixth episode of Series 8. Continue reading

The Caretaker Review

Clint Hassell gives his verdict on the sixth episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Rate & Discuss The Caretaker

Rate and discuss Series 8, episode 6 (Episode spoilers permitted). Continue reading

Doctor Who Extra: The Caretaker

Go behind the scenes on Series 8, episode 6. Continue reading