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Why We love Doctor Who

Guest contributor Pauline Russett ponders the most important question. Continue reading

Dalek Story Details for Series 8?

Rumoured story details for the second episode. Continue reading

Is the Doctor a Good Man?

Connor Johnston doesn’t think he knows who the Doctor is anymore… Continue reading

Series 8: New Teaser Trailer “I see into your soul, Doctor”

New promo trailer. Continue reading

Series 8: Frank Cottrell Boyce Confirmed

The children’s novelist confirmed as the final writer in a "magic" episode directed by Sheree Folkson. Continue reading

Are the Big Enemies Being Overused?

Guest contributor Barry Dixon takes a look. Continue reading

McGann Doubtful on Return, Spin-off

"Capaldi could be there for 10 years or more. He should be given a clear run." Continue reading

The Doctor: Half-Human on his Mother’s Side?

Guest contributor Stewart McDonald wonders if fans should so easily forget that infamous moment. Continue reading

Series 8 Finale Filming: Beyond the Grave

UPDATE 3: Spoilerphobes read at your own risk. Continue reading

Series 8: The Final Writer?

Has episode 10's writer been revealed? Continue reading

The Common Criticisms of Closing Time

Guest contributor Arjun Kotecha thinks the 2011 Cyber-adventure deserves another look. Continue reading

Series 8 DVD / Blu-Ray Dated

Own it from 17 November. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 8 (2014): What We Know UPDATE

JUNE UPDATE: Everything we know about Series 8 so far. Continue reading

Is the Current Format a Serial Killer?

Guest contributor Graeme Atkinson wonders if it's time to go back to the classic format. Continue reading

Series 8 Finale Filming: Returning Characters & Monster

UPDATE: Spoilerphobes read at your own risk. Continue reading