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BBC News Series 8 Preview Featuring New Dalek Clips

Watch a Capaldi interview featuring short clips from the 2nd episode. Continue reading

Capaldi & Coleman Back For 2014 Christmas Special

Filming on the 2014 festive special begins after the World Tour. Continue reading

Doctor Who World Tour: Cardiff Launch Pics

UPDATED: Video added. Continue reading

Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 5: An Unexpected Journey

As the the World Tour sets off DWTV contributors return to the series looking at the show around the globe. Continue reading

The Curious Case of the 9th Doctor

Guest contributor Neil Smith wonders just who is the real Ninth Doctor? Continue reading

Moffat: Big Plans For Future Online Episodes

"Why not do an online episode that’s ten minutes? Or one that’s half an hour?" Continue reading

Capaldi Doesn’t Expect to be a Heartthrob Doctor

''Matt Smith and David Tennant are much more handsome. " Continue reading

Doctor Who and the Doppelganger Dilemma

Connor Johnston explores some of the many examples of double-casting in Doctor Who. Continue reading

George Mann on Writing the War Doctor

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull interviews the author of Engines of War. Continue reading

Brian Blessed Could Have Been the Doctor

The veteran actor could have replaced Patrick Troughton. Continue reading

When Doctor Who Addresses Its Past

Guest contributor Tom Millett looks at some recent examples. Continue reading

Moffat on Series 8′s Smaller Story Arc

"90 percent of every episode is a stand-alone." Continue reading

Weird and Wonderful

Awesome Art, Every River Scene, Latest Fan Titles & Trailers, Wholock Musical & more. Continue reading

Does Deep Breath Really Deserve a Theatrical Release?

Guest contributor Garrett Castello takes a look. Continue reading

Popular / Unpopular Opinion: Clara Oswald

Looking at Clara from both perspectives. Continue reading