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Face-Off: The Masters (Classic Era)

From Delgado to Roberts. Continue reading

Capaldi Didn’t Want Twelve to Be Likeable

"I don’t want them to like me!" Continue reading

Series 8: A Numbery-Wumbery Breakdown

Guest contributor Joshua Yetman presents a statistical breakdown of how Series 8 performed. Continue reading

Christmas Special: Santa is Real, Not Evil

"Don’t worry any parents who were worried about that." Continue reading

Happy Birthday, William Russell

Ian Chesterton himself is 90 years young today. Continue reading

Capaldi Doesn’t Plan to Regenerate “For a While”

"I get to run up and down corridors, escape through ventilation shafts and fight Daleks." Continue reading

Steven Moffat: 10 Triumphs

K-Ci Williams lists ten Steven Moffat triumphs. Continue reading

Finale Face-Off (Series 1-8)

Which New Who finale is your fave so far? Vote. Continue reading

Moffat’s Best Monsters, Tricks & Stories (So Far)

Mark McCullough celebrates the best of Steven Moffat so far. Continue reading

Moffat Can’t Confirm Jenna Coleman for Series 9

Report states Jenna Coleman has yet to sign up. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Steven Moffat!

It's the Grand Moff's big day today. Continue reading

Capaldi Turned Down 8th Doctor Audition

"I just didn’t want to have the disappointment." Continue reading

New Who Finales in Perspective: Series 8

Connor Johnston and Mark McCullough team up to conclude the series looking back over all the New Who finales. Continue reading

Doctor Who TV Readers’ Final Series 8 Episode Ranking

Finale rating and rank as voted by DWTV readers. Plus: was Capaldi a hit, or a miss? Continue reading

BBC Declares Series 8 A Triumph

Moffat: "The miracle has happened again - the nation has taken a brand new Doctor to its heart." Continue reading