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From 1-12: Who is YOUR Doctor?

Which numbered Doctor hooked you to the character and show for the first time? Continue reading

The Day / Time of the Doctor Soundtrack Review (Disc 1)

David Selby gives his verdict on Disc One of the soundtrack release. Continue reading

Doctor Who In Perspective 1963-1966

John Hussey takes a trip back to where it all began. Continue reading

51 Years of Doctor Who: Decade Defining Moments

Connor Johnston celebrates 51 years by choosing 6 of the most treasured “moments” in Who history. Continue reading

50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Review (Part 1)

Guest contributor Sam Glover gives his verdict on the 50th anniversary box set. Continue reading

Doctor Who’s 51st Anniversary

Doctor Who is 51 today! Continue reading

Jenny: A Future Companion

Guest contributor Andrew Gledhill-Carr thinks the Doctor's daughter should become a companion. Continue reading

A Hint on Jenna Coleman’s Future?

Jenna Coleman interview possibly offers a hint on her future. Continue reading

Unpopular Opinion: Missy the Master

John Hussey on why he is not in favour of Missy being the Master. Continue reading

The Complete Eighth Series Box Set Review

Connor Johnston gives his verdict on the upcoming Series 8 Box Set. Continue reading

Moffat on His Series 8 Worries

"Each time you make a big shift, which we did this year, then you're properly worried." Continue reading

With a Doctor this Dark, Who Needs Enemies?

Guest contributor Matthew Dixon gives his overview of Capaldi's debut run. Continue reading

Face-Off: The Masters (Classic Era)

From Delgado to Roberts. Continue reading

Capaldi Didn’t Want Twelve to Be Likeable

"I don’t want them to like me!" Continue reading

Series 8: A Numbery-Wumbery Breakdown

Guest contributor Joshua Yetman presents a statistical breakdown of how Series 8 performed. Continue reading