New 2012 Toys or Series 7 Clues?

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Could a new range of Doctor Who toys offer any clues on what’s to come in Series 7?

At the London Toy Fair this week, some interesting new merchandise was revealed for release this year.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that anything shown will actually appear in the show. It could, more than likely, just be the manufacturers being a little creative but it’s food for thought.

Anyway, Doctor Who Toys took some intriguing pics. First, who needs a vortex manipulator when you have a Personal TARDIS?

Next, it’s a Dalek/Cyberman Anti-Time Device – “Use scavenged Dalek and Cyberman technology to wipe your enemy from time.”

And here is a Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver, which works with the personal TARDIS.

There was also a healthy selection of Daleks (new and old variety) on display.

Kidzcoolit also posted a video.

Thanks to Noah for the heads up.