New Series 7 Part 2 Details

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The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#459 – out 4 April) contains lots of new info on the next four episodes. Here some highlights:

The Rings of Akhaten

The Rings of Akhaten promo pics01

The Doctor goes back in time to Clara’s past. There are a lot of aliens in the market.


CLARA: “So what’s it made of? Time? I mean, if you can rotor through it, it must be made of… stuff. Like, jam’s made of strawberries. So what’s it made of?
“DOCTOR: “Well, not strawberries. That would be unacceptable.”

Cold War

The Ice Warrior is the mighty hero of Mars, Skaldak. He is waiting for more Ice Warriors but he still hasn’t been rescued so he wants his revenge. The Doctor and Clara were on their way to Vegas before the came on to submarine.


SKALDAK: “This planet. This angry planet. Both sides locked in a never-ending stalemate. I now have it all the information I require. It will take only one missile to begin the process, to end this… cold war.”
DOCTOR: “Grand Marshall, it doesn’t have to be this way. Listen to me…”
SKALDAK: “My distress call has not been answered. It will never be answered. My people are dead. They are dust. There is nothing left for me except my revenge.”


Jessica Raine’s character, Emma, can tell what other characters are thinking and she has questions for the Doctor.


CLARA: So, I am a ghost. To you. I’m a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you. We must be nothing.”
DOCTOR: “No, you’re not that.”
CLARA: “Then what are we? What can we possibly be?”
DOCTOR: “The only mystery worth solving.”

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

The Van Baalen brothers are looking to sell the TARDIS for scrap. Clara finds a disturbing secret about the TARDIS that the Doctor wants hidden. Clara gets lost in the depths of the TARDIS and the Doctor activates a self destruct button and threatens to blow up the TARDIS and everything in it unless the Van Baalen brothers help him.


DOCTOR: “Here’s the mission. We’re gonna find Clara in one hour.”
BRAM: “What makes you think we’ll help?”
The Doctor presses switches. A deep siren starts to wail. The TARDIS starts venting steam from the floor.
DOCTOR: “I just activated the self-destruct system. One hour until the ship blows. Don’t try to leave. The TARDIS is in lockdown. I’ll open those doors when Clara’s by my side.”
BRAM: “You crazy lunatic!”
DOCTOR: “My ship, my rules.”
GREGOR: “You’ll kill us all. And her!”
DOCTOR: “She’s going to die if you don’t help me. Don’t get into a spaceship with a madman. Didn’t they tell you that?”

[Huge thanks to Finlay for sending them in!]