New Series 6 Alien Details?

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A couple of weeks back actor and comedian David Walliams officially announced he was guest starring as an alien in Series 6 of Doctor Who.

The Sun are today claiming to have exclusive details on the role. They say Walliams will play a cowardly alien called Gibbis who looks quite like Mole from The Wind in the Willows (pictured).

An ‘insider’ told them: “[Walliams] is well known for his love of using prosthetics to get into character on his comedy shows, so this won’t be much different for him. But it will be a lot scarier than the stuff he normally does.”

The article also states that this alien mole will appear in Toby Whithouse’s story (likely episode 10).

It sounds like a bit of a silly rumour and it is The Sun, but who knows with Doctor Who?