Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Audition Script

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Printed in this month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine is Jenna-Louise Coleman’s audition script, the one that secured her the role of new companion. In it, Coleman’s character name is Jasmine,  the same as her character in Emmerdale.

The script has been circulating the web, with some believing that’s what her character will be called. But that is definitely not the case.

In Steven Moffat’s foreword, he makes it clear that none of the script or her name will make it to the screen.

“Two things before you read it. Her name is NOT Jasmine. I don’t like the name Jasmine (sorry all Jasmines, I didn’t mean you) so I knew I’d never use it for real. And also, you might notice there’s a line snuck in from Blink. One of those self-consciously clever, writer-showing-off lines that anyone stuck working with me better get used to.

“So here’s a spoiler from a future that is never going to happen. This is the scene we saw Matt and Jenna perform in a dull little room in the basement of the BBC, which changed the future of Doctor Who. Now remember, this is nonsense, none of this is going to happen, no clues or hints. Think of it as series of hurdles we placed in front of an actress to check her jumping skills.”

Script follows:

THE DOCTOR: So you saw it coming in here? What did it look like?
JASMINE: Gray. Sort of dusty. Like it was made of spider webs.
THE DOCTOR: And it came through the wall?
JASMINE: Yeah, that wall there.
THE DOCTOR: And made a moaning sound.
JASMINE: Moaning, groaning, yeah.
THE DOCTOR: But you don’t think it was a ghost. Why not?
JASMINE: Because there’s no such thing as ghosts.
THE DOCTOR: You know, a lot of people who saw what you saw wouldn’t still think that.
JASMINE: Obviously. Otherwise there wouldn’t be idiots who believe in ghosts.
THE DOCTOR: What were you doing here?
JASMINE: I love this place. It’s… beautiful.
THE DOCTOR: It’s falling apart.
JASMINE: It’s old. I love old things, they make me feel sad.
THE DOCTOR: What’s good about sad?
JASMINE: It’s happy for deep people. You’d know.
THE DOCTOR: I’m not sad.
JASMINE: Oh, you are though. Under all that talking and leaping about. Takes one to know one.
THE DOCTOR: So you come here for…recreational sadness?
JASMINE: Yeah. In a way. Okay, why are you looking at me like that?
THE DOCTOR: You remind me of an old friend of mine. Someone I lost a long time ago.
JASMINE: Down boy. I’m not her.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I know you’re not – I don’t believe in ghosts either.
JASMINE: Oh my God, what’s that?!
THE DOCTOR: Okay, just stay calm.
JASMINE: But that’s the thing I saw before.
THE DOCTOR: Yep, and it’s coming towards us. I expect you noticed that. Say it with me – I don’t believe in ghosts!
JASMINE: I don’t believe in ghosts!!
THE DOCTOR: Louder! I don’t believe in ghosts!
JASMINE: I don’t believe in ghosts! Will this work?
THE DOCTOR: No idea, never met a ghost before.