More Teasers on The Power of Three

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Here are Doctor Who TV’s second set of teasers for The Power of Three. Check back tomorrow for the final batch.

  1. Amy reveals she’s going on adventures with the Doctor a lot longer than anyone would expect
  2. “I’m not running away from things. I’m running to them, before they flare and fade forever”
  3. Rory plants a big one on the Doctor
  4. “Don’t despair ****, **** *** ***** ***”
  5. The Doctor once again shows off his football skills
  6.  “We don’t let him down”
  7. Just an out-of-order lift?
  8. There are 3 monsters in total, though you will perhaps question whether one of them is
  9. “Some people call it ‘judgement day’ or ‘the reckoning’”
  10. Amy has an engagement with a historical figure
  11. “Not them, Brian… Never them”