More Teasers for The Angels Take Manhattan

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Here are our second set of teasers for The Angels Take Manhattan, courtesy of Ben Tavener. More coming soon.

  1. 15-14-5 9-19 16-1-19-20
  2. River flies the TARDIS better than the Doctor. AGAIN!
  3. “Loving the almost!”
  4. The Doctor gets slapped for doing something kind
  5. “Are there video games there? I love video games”.
  6. 20-8-5 9-19 20-23-15
  7. “It’s called marriage, honey. Now hush, I’m working!”
  8. “1938. We just bounced off it.”
  9. “Beware the Yowzah. Do not at this point Yowz.”
  10. “Yes, why not? Give him to the babies.”
  11. “The others can hear. Is that why you need all the locks?
  12. 20-8-18-5-5 1-14-4 6-15-21-18 13-21-19-20 23-1-9-20